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Ubuntu Wikipedia.
4 See also. Ubuntu philosophy, an ethical concept of southern African origin. Ubuntu theology, a theological concept of reconciliation in South Africa. Ubuntu operating system, a Linux computer operating system distribution. Ubuntu typeface, a font family. Ubuntu Titling, a font.
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Ubuntu operating system Wikipedia.
8 Ubuntu is offered in three official editions: Ubuntu Desktop 9 for personal computers, Ubuntu Server for servers 10 and the cloud, 11 and Ubuntu Core 12 for Internet of things 13 devices. New releases of Ubuntu occur every six months, while long-term support LTS releases occur every two years.
Canonical The company behind Ubuntu.
We help organisations make the most of Ubuntu. Leading organisations all over the world turn to us for our services and expertise from systems management to the deployment of Ubuntu on their own clouds, servers and desktops. We help partners take Ubuntu to market.

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